Thursday, 21 July 2016

SPider Man chocolate cake

A birthday cake request from one of my team-mates which I hesitate to do initially.
Intend to use fondant for the spiderman mask but didn't work and end up using cream cheese.

Cake was "baked" using rice cooker since it been awhile I have used this method.

Glad that it turned out ok.

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Captain america cookies


Attempt to bake Captain American SHield cookies that looks so cool and easy to bake in the video..but it was the opposite...very time consuming as I have to ensure that the pastry are solid hard to mould the star or it will run out of mine. I gave up completing the 2 outer colours as I though my "star" were ruined...

Use remaining plain tough to mould into hello kitty shape using my new mould bought from Japan.

Glad that the cookie is tasty on its own and I bake it a little longer for a crispy texture.

Chocolate bear bun


Another bake ticked from my TO BAKE List...
These cute little bear bun are so adorable to look at though my 1st trial some looks really ugly. I use varlhona chocolate powder (dark cocoa) which the bun is quite bitter on its own but tastes great with the nutella spread. I will give it a generous spread in my next bear and better bear look.

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Orange Peach Cake

Tried one orange cake when I was on board JAL and it was so soft and flavourful that I must make one to satisfy my crave.
Chance upon Jeannie Tay orange sponge cake and decided to bake it for my dad's birthday since he like fruits and something light as well.
The cake is super moist and soft which the elderly likes it but I find it too moist and soft  for me but my family and friends likes it. Am going to try baking it again but without the water bath for a firmer sponge.

Banana loaf with walnut & Chia Seed


After trying a few recipes I would still go back to this buttery , soft and moist recipe which my family and friends loves. If you want the texture drier, can cut down on 1 tbsp. of milk.

I added chia seed and walnut to give it a different texture with slight crunch to it.

Again, half way through preparation I realised there no baking powder so I have to substitute with cream of tarta/ baking soda/corn flour. Luckily it turned out nice.

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Gula Melaka and Peach Sponge Cake

Been seeing a lot of bloggers trying out Jeanie Tay sponge cake which gives a well rise cake.
Am in love with Gula Melaka so trial on this recipe  that uses cooked dough method and see how difference its the texture.
The cake is soft, moist and dense but not the fluffy type or maybe didn't execute the method right. The flavour of the coconut nut milk and gula Melaka is not distinctive.  Use Chantilly cream  to decorate and peach and peanut to decorate, taste good though.
Will try her other recipe using the egg separation method and see if its easier and less forgiving than the chiffon cake.

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Baked churros

 I love Churros and when I chanced upon this baked recipe I cant resist baking it right away. However be warned that the texture is different from the fried version(nothing beats fried stuff) and when its cool it gets soft as it using a choux pastry.

The dough is much more easier to manage if you like to pipe heart shaped or other shapes as well.